Security and Protection Services

We have been providing specialized security and protection services in the West Michigan area for many years.

Diversified Protection & Investigations LLC can meet your security needs with our uniformed armed and unarmed security guards, mobile security patrols, and on-site video surveillance. 

We assist our clients with enforcing lawful rules, regulations, and ordinances.

Uniformed security will help deter theft and violence.

Surveillance is used to help detect theft & suspicious people. Record incidents that occur.

Our security services are ideal for:

  • Community Events, Festivals, Concerts
  • Schools (protecting students, educators, and guests during the school day and/ or school events)
  • Places of Worship (VIP protection, parking lot patrol, mobile inside patrol)
  • Apartment Complexes, Gated Communities, Home Owner Associations, Mobile Home Estates, Hotels (mobile patrol to deter crime and respond to non-emergency complaints, vacation home checks)
  • Businesses (Deter violence & theft from the workplace and protect employees.  Secure property, check guests in and out., assist with employee terminations)
  • Insurance Companies (Deter and prevent theft from unsecured buildings & homes)


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Our Investigation division is experienced in conducting investigations.  A sample of the credentials our investigators have include:

  • Interrogation and interview of child abuse
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Homicide investigations
  • Narcotic investigations
  • Forensics and advanced computer forensics
  • Gang identification and awareness
  • Crime scene analysis

We can assist attorneys with investigating child custody, divorce, will & estate dispute, harassment, defamation, espionage, witness interviewing, neighborhood canvases, embezzlement, surveillance, insurance fraud and other services upon request. 

We also offer a variety of investigative services to individuals, businesses, places of worship. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Background checks (a search for information on a persons or company's history).
  • Due diligence checks (verifying an individuals background, current residence, employment, etc.).
  • Surveillance (watching an area, individual, employee, or business and reporting what is seen).
  • Counter surveillance (assist businesses in securing business environments by the use of de-bugging equipment to prevent and secure against intellectual rights theft.  From securing a board room to an entire complex).
  • Mystery shopping (analyzing a shopping experience in regard to customer service, honesty in an employee, speed of service, compliance with company standards relating to service, store appearance, grooming and presentation).
  • Anti-drug checks (work in conjunction with parents or employers by discretely investigating the likely hood of narcotics or alcohol being purchase, sold or used by a child or employee and advising on options to prevent it).

Active Shooter  and Workplace Violence Training

Diversified Protection & Investigations along with our collaborators offer Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training.  There is a classroom portion where we teach the signs to look for, how to respond if you are in a shooting situation and what companies can do to help in preventing these types of situations from occurring.  After the classroom portion is finished the participants take part in a simulated live fire shooting and put their skills to the test.

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